One Minute on the Internet

In March 2012, Intel released the following infographic which shows a graphical view of Internet activities in one minute. It is interesting to know what happens in 60 seconds on the Internet.  According to Intel, this is what happens in one minute on Internet:

  • 640,000 GB of global IP data transferred
  • 20 New Victims of identity theft
  • $83,000 sales conversions
  • 61,141 hours of music served by Pandora
  • 100,000 new tweets
  • 204 million emails sent
  • 6 new Wikipedia articles get published
  • 1300 new mobile users are added
  • 2+ million Google search queries
  • More than 100 LinkedIn accounts created
  • 277,000 logins and 6 million page views happen on Facebook
  • YouTube serves 1.3 million videos
  • 30 hours of video uploaded on YouTube
  • 20 million photos are viewed on Flickr
  • 47,000 apps downloaded
  • More than 320 new Twitter accounts are created

This is an amazing list.  Currently, the number of networked devices on Internet is equal to the human population. In 2015, the number is predicted to be nearly doubled. Also, it will take you 5 years to watch videos that will circulate through Internet in just one second! With these being said, can you imagine what will happen without Internet for a day?

One Minute on the Internet

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