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I am Dr. Steve Yuen, a Professor Emeritus of Instructional Technology and Design at The University of Southern Mississippi. This is my personal blog on the use of emerging technologies in teaching and learning. Hope you find this blog interesting, stimulating, and educational. Please feel free to social bookmark this page.

Enhancing Student Cognition and Communication through Infographics

A presentation given by Dr. Gallayanee Yaoyuneyong and I last Thursday at the 2014 Creating Future Through Technology Conference (CFTTC) in Bilxoi, Mississippi.

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Challenge Your Online Learning Expectations

This is a helpful article for students who have never taken an online course, especially those who are returning to school several years after graduation. Many students believe that online learning will be drastically different from traditional in-class experiences, that … Continue reading

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The Dark Side of MOOCs

There has been an incredible rise in the popularity of MOOCs, but skeptics can’t help wonder: Are they worth all of the hype? This is an interesting infographic created by

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How to Search for Openly Licensed Educational Resources

An informative infographic showing you on how to search for openly licensed educational resources. How to Search for Openly Licensed Educational Resources infographic by coerll.

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Learning Theories

This is an excellent infographic describing the basics of learning theories in a visual and understandable format.

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